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Looking well beyond the next quarter

Millennia Group just wrapped up being a sponsor and participant in the 19th annual Realcomm IBCON tradeshow in San Diego.  This is a show dedicated to the understanding and use of technology in the commercial real estate industry.  As one might expect for a technology show, there were some familiar topics including robotics, artificial intelligence, blockchain, virtual reality and renewable energy.

The current news touches on these topics, but from a different angle; the death of the retail industry, the reshaping of office workers and their environments and Amazon warehouses – they’re popping up everywhere.  After 19 years of participating in this industry trade show, it is still very clear, there is a long term focus in this industry, well beyond how these external forces will impact the next quarter.

Based on the content of the breakout sessions at the show,…

The Next Big Thing

I participated in a webinar recently sponsored by Realcomm, an organization devoted to the advancement of technology for the commercial real estate industry.  It was about the future and hype verses reality.  My contribution was squarely on the reality side as I described how our real estate clients gain efficiency by using workflow to automate document oriented business processes. You might think, “do we still have documents?”  The answer in my world and the foreseeable world of our Fortune 5000 clients is, Yes.  Documents may not be in paper form any longer, but documents of some type (spreadsheet, PDF contract, etc.), are the support for data and todays decisions.  But to see the future, the next big thing, you need to believe in the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual…

We’ve Come a Long Way, Because of You

Seventeen years is a long time. That is how long Millennia Group has participated in the Realcomm trade show. Realcomm is a trade show dedicated to the advancement of technology for the commercial real estate industry.Millennia Group was there from the very beginning and in fact, like technology for the commercial real estate industry, Millennia has advanced too.  Seventeen years ago, we were at the show promoting our document scanning services.  At the time, that was the full breadth of our “solution.” Two weeks ago, we had a booth at the most recent show in San Antonio and we were there talking to people about our cloud based workflow application.  Our “solution” has advanced quite a bit. At the first show, I was fortunate enough to get a one hour…