Accounting, Finance and Tax Departments: Workflow & Critical Document Archive

Automation is sweeping every business and its needs to be in the accounting, finance and tax departments.  This is especially true now with more flexible work arrangements and the new hyper focus on compliance.  The key aspects are metrics, tracking, notification and compliance.  All of these are achieved when you implement FileStar Workflow for Accounting, Finance and Tax Departments.

For compliance, FileStar workflows not only allow you to set policy requirements and track activity, the workflow also collects all supporting documentation and archives the files for reference or audit purposes.

Departmental Workflows

Here are some excellent examples of how FileStar can help you achieve your process improvement and compliance goals:

  • Cash Receipts – record and archive
  • Journal Entries – review, approve and archive
  • Bank Reconciliations – confirm and archive
  • Accounts payable (invoice processing) – review and approve and sync with accounting system
  • Wire transfer approval – safe approval and recording of transfers
  • Letters of credit tracking – approve and record the dates and amounts and set notifications
  • Financial statement approval – review and approval
  • Tax return review – returns and workpaper review and archive
  • Budget Review – review, approve and archive
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Secure, Trusted System of Record Archive

FileStar workflow packages collect and organize the supporting documentation for each process or transaction. Then, after the final approval or completion of the workflow process, those supporting documents are securely archived for later retrieval. Workflow packages can even be configured to require certain documents as a condition of completion.

With the FileStar critical document archive, your processes and compliance efforts now have real validity and auditability.   

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