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Document Scanning Service: Remote Digital Mailroom

An I:S3 Smart Scanning Service

Provide the flexibility that your company needs and that your employees want - Remote Digital Mailroom.

Maximize flexibility and maintain uninterrupted process

When your mail is routed to our Chicago area scanning facility, your organization gets the uninterupted business processes it needs and provides the employee flexibility they want.  With 25 years of experience scanning documents and digital workflows, we can help your organization succeed.  Mail is received, prepped, sorted, scanned and routed to our secure online client workflow and document distribution portal, FileStar.  You can use the FileStar workflows to make your business more efficient with accounts payable, claim processing, application processing, donations, virtually any type of document received kicking off your customer workflow process.  Our process can feed your existing workflows as well.

Our services include routing the mail to your users or it allows you to appoint an internal resource to review and route the digital mail. FileStar allows you to maintain a fully searchable archive and keep the documents organized and secure.  You can easily route digital documents to other applications and even send out via secure email. If you need checks scanned and deposited, we can do that to.

Don't let your mail slow down your business.  Don't let your mail dictate your processes.  Take more control, get more flexibility, keep an uninterupted flow of work and call us to talk about a remote digital mailroom.

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