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Manufacturing: Workflow & Document Management

Most manufacturing companies have a complex business model that involves customers, suppliers, inside sales reps, outside sales reps, transportation, taxes and many other components.  All of these components require management of information and documents such as:

  • Sales Orders   
  • Bills of Lading
  • Drawings
  • Delivery Information Forms
  • Tax Forms
  • Quotes
  • Invoices
  • MSDS
  • Certificates of Origin
  • Credit Checks
  • Sales Reports and more
Not all of that information is retained within the ERP or warehouse system.  Much of that information is still in paper or electronic document format.  Millennia Group has significant expertise in helping manufacturing companies efficiently manage these documents so that all employees can have the right information at the right time.

Customized Document Management

FileStar is the ultimate solution to keep your critical customer, vendor and job documentation organized and accessible.  With the ability to integrate with the ERP system through the FileStar API, your documentation stays in sync with your data.  You no longer need to have messy, unorganized or worse yet, missing customer files.  FileStar has built in controls to make sure that the documents get to the right folder every time.  In fact, since FileStar can be customized, you can even be alerted when files or documents are missing.  Make sure that your employees are never looking at incomplete information or wasting a day looking for a file again.  And with Millennia Group's services team, we can help organize and migrate your existing digital documents and paper documents into FileStar.

Customized Workflow Options

Here are some great reasons why your manufacturing company should be using the FileStar workflow module:

  • Your sales order process involves shuffling a folder around from sales to packing to shipping to invoicing - full tracking capability.  
  • Your outside sales reps not only need real time status on orders, but need access to the actual job file - cuts down on phone calls and emails.
  • Your company has multiple facilities around the country or globe and fax and email are not working as communication tools - never lost in an inbox.
  • Your customers have complicated orders and rely on your customer service reps for fast and accurate answers - no time wasted running to file cabinets.
There are many processes from simple to complex that can be made far more efficient and cost effective when converted to a digital workflow.  FileStar's workflow is based on a package concept.  The package move's through the process just like that folder, with all of the documents and data included so that the user has a complete set of information to complete the next task.  With the controls built into the system, rules and logic ensure the information is accurate.

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