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Special Expertise: 

Commercial Real Estate, Manufacturing, HR/Benefits and Accounting/Finance/Tax

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What Do I Do with All This Paper?

Onsite & Offsite Smart Document Scanning Service

(Including Digital Mailroom Service)

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Workflow & Document Management Solutions

When you want less complexity and confusion in your document management, choose Millennia Group.  When you want more trust in your document system, choose FileStar.  We’ve simplified document management!  

Workflow & Document Management

Our cloud SaaS solution organizes your documents & files and offers:

  • Easy search and guaranteed retrieval
  • Relief from shared drive frustration
  • Best in class ROI from workflow
  • Minimal IT support requirements
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Document Collection

This simple, flexible checklist based application ensures:

  • All documents are collected
  • You have a clear view of open items
  • Compliance requirements are met
  • Your process goes smoothly
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Smart Scanning

Go paperless for the lowest cost with our I:S3 document scanning service:

  • An inventory of all your documents
  • Scanning what needs to be scanned
  • Option for on-site scanning
  • Store what’s needed, shred the rest
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Real Estate

What if you could:

  • Always find the right closing, lease or property document
  • Process and track Cap Ex or TI approvals without email
  • Easily and securely share those documents internally and externally
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What if you could:

  • Track and route the sales order packet electronically
  • Ensure a complete, compliant vendor/supplier file
  • Easily share sales order documents with outside reps
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What if you could:

  • Know which employees are missing required documents
  • Ensure I-9 and HIPAA compliance for HR documents
  • Prevent unauthorized access and log all access
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