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Document Scanning Service: Box Tracking & Client Portal

An I:S3 Smart Scanning Service

Document Scanning Service: Box Tracking & Client Portal

Know the location of and be able to access your documents while they are being scanned offsite.

Document Peace of Mind

While your documents are being scanned at our Chicago area service bureau, you will be empowered to search and retrieve any document remotely utilizing our box tracking and client portal software – software based on our workflow automation and document management software, FileStar.

The box tracking features of FileStar will help you to inventory and track your folders and boxes during a project. Track the boxes from when they are filled at your location to the time they are received by Millennia and then completed and the documents posted for review in FileStar. The inventory and box information will help improve communication about the location of files that are needed during a project – "I need the Smith folder, it's in box 2345". You can even use your off-site box storage companies box labels and numbers and then have the boxes picked up at our location and sent directly to off-site storage.

Use the portal to conduct quality control procedures. The portal will also allow you to employ some of your own resources on a project for document identification and tagging using the barcode generator in FileStar. Of course, the portal also means that you have fast access to any document that is currently in our production system because we can prioritize and post the needed documents typically in minutes.

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