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Age old question – Renovate or Build New?

Via Flickr, Hammer by Homespot HQEvery organization reaches a critical juncture when it recognizes that its current document management system has become unwieldy, prompting consideration of migrating to a new platform. Typically, blame is directed towards the application itself. However, an alternative option is available, renovation. The disorder may stem from long-standing people and process issues rather than inherent flaws in the existing application. In such cases, renovating the current system presents a viable option.

Regardless of the chosen approach – whether opting for a new platform or renovating the existing one – a comprehensive evaluation should be conducted. This assessment, which is a crucial step in the decision-making process, should thoroughly analyze features and functionality against organizational requirements. If the latest version of the current document management solution adequately meets these needs, there’s potential to reorganize and validate existing content. However, if it falls short, the decision to transition to a new system becomes apparent.  So now what?

Should the decision be to implement a new system, the migration effort will inevitably involve reorganization and information cleanup, akin to the renovation process. Renovation offers distinct advantages, such as lower platform costs, user familiarity, and the retention of existing integrations. Conversely, it may also present challenges, including user dissatisfaction with past results and potentially more complex cleanup efforts, which could incur additional costs.

No matter which path is chosen, efforts must be accompanied by implementing new processes and procedures, such as document workflows and auto-classification systems. These measures are pivotal in reducing the likelihood of future misfiling incidents. Performing a thorough comparison of options is imperative, considering not only technical aspects but also soft factors like vendor support quality and the vendor’s technology roadmap.

The decision to migrate or renovate a document management system requires careful consideration and a holistic evaluation of organizational needs, technical capabilities, and future objectives.  If you need assistance performing this evaluation, please contact us and we would be happy to bring our 28+ years of experience to you.