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Working with our partners, we accomplish even more for you.

Millennia Group believes in providing complete solutions through our services and by our choice of partners. Our partners have been added to our network because they offer the same dedication to your needs, and they provide complementary services to further enhance our service offerings.

Our partners are among the best and the brightest in the industry, and we feel confident in referring them to you.

Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM)

Millennia is an active member of AIIM, the trade association for information and imaging management. AIIM brings together the users and providers of document and information management technology-based solutions including: Document Management, I-Commerce, E-Business, CRM, Web Content Management, Knowledge Management, Workflow, and Imaging.

AIIM | Millennia Group Partner


Realogic provides web-based software and consulting to commercial real estate owners and managers. They offer a web based product called Realogic Abstract which was intelligently designed by abstracting professionals. Realogic Abstract streamlines the abstracting process and leverages the data in your lease and other documents for reporting, analysis and asset management.

Realogic | Millennia Group Partner

Waident Technology Solutions

Waident Technology is a leading virtual IT support company located in the Chicago area. We provide typical IT support services for small to mid-sized businesses in a way that's anything but typical. We don't just fix things when they're broken. We know that IT support is about helping people first, and that's what we love most about our jobs. We listen, and we stay on a problem until it's fixed the right way, not just the easiest way. We make sure all the technology you need to do your job works the way it should. And we'll never let you get complacent about IT...we'll meet your day-to-day needs and also help plan for the future.

Waident Technology Solutions | Millennia Group Partner

Ariba Discovery Network

SAP Ariba is a worldwide network of buyers and sellers following common business standards.

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