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Workflow & Document Management Software

What Millennia Group Software Can Do for You

  • Hosted, SaaS model for mobility and resource optimization
  • Customized interface for each client for ease of use
  • Focused on documents for collection and sharing of information
  • The perfect blend of structure and flexibility for compliance
  • Powerful workflow features to maximize ROI
  • NEW FEATURE - FileStar Explore!! Click Here to Learn More (Beta)

How We Do It

Workflow and Document Management Software

FileStar ensures that "the best" decisions are made because you are working with a complete set of trusted documents that you can actually find.  We work hard during the implementation to organize, consolidate and normalize your documents so your users never waste a day hunting for lost documents.

FileStar is deployed quickly, requires minimal IT resources and is conquered in minutes by any user. FileStar provides complete security and availability with TLS encryption along with being hosted in a facility that receives a SOC 2, Type II report and redundant power, hardware and internet connections.

Document Collection & Tracking Software

Entry-Level Workflow & Compliance Software

If you don't need all that FileStar has to offer, CollectDocs is your tireless, amazingly efficient, incredibly organized, executive assistant, business analyst, and bulldog all rolled into one outstanding productivity tool. CollectDocs is especially useful for due diligence, on-boarding (new employees, tenant and vendors), and any document collection and tracking effort.  A familiar checklist format makes it easy to know what you have and what you are missing - spreadsheet and file storage all in one.

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