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We’ve Come a Long Way, Because of You

Seventeen years is a long time. That is how long Millennia Group has participated in the Realcomm trade show. Realcomm is a trade show dedicated to the advancement of technology for the commercial real estate industry.Millennia Group was there from the very beginning and in fact, like technology for the commercial real estate industry, Millennia has advanced too.  Seventeen years ago, we were at the show promoting our document scanning services.  At the time, that was the full breadth of our “solution.” Two weeks ago, we had a booth at the most recent show in San Antonio and we were there talking to people about our cloud based workflow application.  Our “solution” has advanced quite a bit. At the first show, I was fortunate enough to get a one hour presentation opportunity, but that was only because the scheduled speaker called in sick about 20 minutes before the session. We laugh about that to this day because I had nothing prepared and just winged it for an hour. It actually directly lead to Millennia Group gaining two significant new clients – Thank You Realcomm. I don’t have the video from that first show, but there is a short interview that I did at this years show. Please take a look to get an update on how far we have come and where we are headed: Millennia Group is advancing because the needs of our customers are advancing.  Whether you are in the commercial real estate industry or any industry that could benefit from an automated process or better access to documents, Millennia Group is advancing to help you. Michael Cipriano, President and Co-founder of Millennia Group. For more information, contact us at, (630) 279-0577