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Yep we need that

You or your co-workers have been away from the office for a long time now. What are you missing? That is not a question about certain people or favorite lunch spots. It’s a question about information. Has this experience exposed deficiencies or nurtured already advancing digital processes?

Some companies are finding that there were still some hard copy documents that they needed access to.  Maybe it was just random documents that were slow to enter the digital realm.  These are the documents that come in to certain people directly, but take a long time to become digital and accessbile to all.  Maybe it is a certain type of document like drawings or archived customer files that have been more difficult or costly to convert.  It may be time to re-evaluate the cost benefit of getting those documents scanned or implementing a centralized digital mail room.

Another area that might be exposed as deficient is the electronic document storage archive.  Now that you are 100% reliant on that solution, is it well organized?  Does it always contain the entire set of documents you need?  Does it have the functionality that you really need to allow you to be efficient and not wasting time?  Solutions that were designed with maximum flexibility in mind may have been easy for users to adopt and dump documents into.  But those same solutions may now be a jumbled mess of folders and files, much like the typical shared drive.  It may be time to look at reorganizing that archive or tweaking that solution to add more control.

However, this past year plus has probably highlighted how valuable the new digital processes are and what a great idea it was to put into place.  Paperless accounts payable – yes a no brainer, glad we have it.  DocuSign or other digital signature platforms have been invaluable.  Maybe you, like many of our clients, have already implemented approval workflows that incorporate a digital signature component as the final step.  Extremely useful in todays world.  Now your organization’s employees are much more open to the change that is needed to incorporate these new digital processes and that can only be good for the company.  

We may all be missing certain aspects of life before Covid.  It seems that a return to some form of normal is getting closer.  In the meantime, if you are missing information or discovering you can’t find what you need, now is the time to get those projects going.  You don’t want to miss these things forever and you don’t want to miss this opportunity to move forward while openness to change is at a peak.

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