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Workflow Metrics, the Extra Benefit

All of our clients that have implemented our workflow solution have done so to improve their efficiency and profitability. However, it has become very apparent that there are significant added benefits derived from the process metrics reports that are generated. A quick definition of process metrics is the number and duration of activities throughout each workflow process, ie. how many completed and how long did it take. Additional measurements are possible depending on other data available within the system, such as completions by region, by person, by amount, etc.
At first glance, gathering the data and measuring the metrics seems like a big brother approach. However, when you look closely, this is a win win situation for the company and the employees and here are a few reasons why: A win for the company: • These metrics can be used to evaluate productivity by employee • Metrics provide the ability to manage bottlenecks and achieve better overall results • The metrics can help to spot trends in sales, costs or resources before the trends are visible elsewhere. A win for the employees: • Clearly defined goals and benchmarks to work towards relieves stress on employees • Having metrics creates a game type atmosphere to achieve top honors for productivity, speed or error free days • Workload is properly balanced by management so all associates are on a level playing field There are certainly other benefits to both the company and the employees. The key is to get those old email and paper based processes converted to a digital workflow and start reaping all of the benefits. Millennia Group provides document imaging, workflow and management solutions., (630) 279-0577,