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The Beginning

We have all seen or used a checklist in our lives. In business in particular, a document checklist is ubiquitous. There are lists of documents to collect for bringing on a new customer or vendor. Every new employee has a list of documents that are required. There are lists for gathering loan documents or for buying a property. There are extensive lists for acquiring a company.

One list that is not generally thought of as a list are the file folders that have been set up on the computer or in SharePoint or Aren’t the collection of folders just a list of sorts? The folders are used to store the digital files that are shown on the list. Granted, some documents are still in paper, but most users would prefer to have all the files electronically.

The only thing is, the list and the folders are separate. This phenomenon struck us as an oversight of a simple solution. So we created, the features of a checklist and file storage all in the same place.

So now there exists an online document checklist with the power to also store the files. It goes well beyond that, which I will discuss in future posts. The reason for the blog is that this is a difficult concept to get across. So I am asking for help to determine why a checklist with file attachment is not as common as one would think and also to find all of the potential uses of such a tool.

I greatly appreciate your feedback and I look forward to talking about all the great uses we discover.

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