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Optimism sends a good message

We recently sponsored and exhibited at two technology focused trade shows.  As most companies participating in these shows know, it’s a good way to see existing clients and to meet new prospects.  But its also a good way to stay informed about industry advancements and news, however optimistic.  There can be lots of very optimistic talk and presentations in the tech community. Here’s the thing, however optimistic some people or companies might be, some of those plans and ideas probably make good sense and will someday become the standard.  Of the current crop of hot technology topics, such as artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, bots and robots, we are optimistic about…
Yes, we are optimistic about some of these technologies, namely AI and bots.  A bot is essentially a digital assistant.  You’ve probably come across one that pops up on a web site with a face or name and it’s asking to help you.  Bots are forms that have been automated and use some form of AI most likely.  Whereas you used to just fill in and submit the form.  Now the form is alive and asking you questions. You can probably guess which two we think will become standards in the near term.  Yes, bots and AI.  Robots, a physical form of a bot, are already in use in factories.  We are still waiting to see a good office use for a robot.  We don’t see it in the near term for document management, but we know they exist and have seen some examples.  Maybe optimistic for an office robot to be the document scanning or copier assistant. Blockchain has some promise and will have uses.   Like crypto currency, a use of blockchain, document management using blockchain for real estate transfers, for instance, requires significant investment and change management at the government level.  That will not be easy to accomplish on a local or national level in the near term.  Blockchain for lease documents – too optimistic.  Blockchain for certificates of insurance – maybe. Optimistic people have a way of motivating others.  We’re optimistic about the use of artificial intelligence in workflow and document management.  AI is a tool that will help Millennia Group’s optimistic plan of simplifying document management.  Bots may also help simplify workflow and document management and if nothing else, make it a bit more interactive and less intimidating.  That’s not too optimistic or too much to ask.  We think it’s a good message. Millennia Group simplifies workflow and document management with our SaaS solution, FileStar.  Contact us at, or (630) 279-0577.