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The concept of putting a checklist application online and incorporating file attachments has really sparked a great deal of interest. Like our last post, the interest has come from business areas that we did not anticipate. Therefore, we are starting to casually refer to CollectDocs as the Duct Tape application – it has a million uses.

The number of uses has increased with our addition of Tasks and Data collection to the types of items that can be part of a checklist. When CollectDocs was first created, it only allowed items to be file attachments. Now a checklist can be file attachments combined with some tasks that need to be completed and even some data points that need gathering. Behold, a simple workflow tool.

  • Tax preparer – use it for collecting the client’s w2’s, 1099’s, real estate taxes and other receipts and documentation
  • Accounting Department – use it to gather all the sub-reports needed for the quarterly financial statement preparation
  • HR Department – use it to gather the on-boarding or new hire documents
  • Procurement Officer – use it to gather the w-9, ISO certifications, materials content statement, the contract, the NDA, etc
  • Leasing Agent – use it to gather the background check, the lease, the prior landlord recommendation, the income verification, etc

And on and on. Such a simple idea that every company uses throughout the organization only now it has actual functionality and can significantly improve a process.

If you use a paper checklist or a folder system on the shared drive to manage the collection of information, we would love to hear what that process is. Thank you.

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