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Fear of change is okay, if it only lasts 5 minutes

In a past era processes were set in stone. Assembly lines were created and they ran for three shifts a day year after year. Big mainframes were programmed and some of those programs still run today. Change was slow and methodical for both consumers and businesses.

Today, manufacturers and businesses of all types are struggling to meet the new era’s requirements and challenges including personalization and on-demand. The only way to manage in this environment is to have a workforce and applications that embrace and smooth the way for change – in 5 minutes or less.

Unfortunately most employees, even younger ones, fear change. The fear comes not only from having to learn something new, but also from a break in routine or loss of time. With the crazy busy schedules that most employees have today, it’s the potential disruption in their perfectly calculated day that they fear the most.

It’s not news that applications designed with a consumer look and feel are gaining the most traction in the business world. It’s also applications that promise to make life easier and save time, that seem to do well. Consumer apps that can be downloaded and running on your phone in minutes succeed. This means flexible, easy to use applications that are also extremely fast to implement – install it at 9am and be fully utilizing it by 9:30am. That is what is demanded.

Here are a few tips for businesses looking to implement new software. Chose a flexible application so that users have options for how they configure it to match their work processes. Show them that it cannot be broken or destroyed if they make a mistake. Training will always help reduce the fear of change. And be sure to walk them through the implementation plan and how much it will impact their day. Less is more here. Show how it will immediately help.

We have discovered some of these things in watching as our clients started using our CollectDocs online checklist application. A checklist in CollectDocs can be set up any way the user wants, it’s very flexible. It is also easy to use and a familiar concept; create a checklist, attach documents or check items off. But it is also the fact that it can be setup and actually producing results in 5 minutes that has users giddy.

If you are exploring or investigating new software, keep these thoughts in mind. This is not an easy task for enterprise wide type applications like an ERP or CRM. However, if the user interface is familiar, the impact felt immediately and the time away from doing their job is short, it will succeed.

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