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A Little Out There

  Here are a few thoughts that might be a little out there but they do have some merit.

A National Digital Document Recorders Office

Many, many years ago a great idea came about to have local governments keep “recorded” copies of real estate documents. The purpose was generally to ensure that ownership could be proven and the legal relationship was recorded and recognized. Each local government runs its own recording office for properties in its jurisdiction, but there isn’t a statewide or national “Recorder”. This is also primarily a paper based process with actual document stamps.
With digital signature technology, endless online storage and internet access, it is easy to see how one entity could be the “Recorder” of all real estate transaction documents. That would save governments countless billions of dollars on labor, storage and systems maintenance as well as user’s time and money for submitting and finding documents. Take that one step further and conceive of a document escrow for medical documents, mortgage documents, car loan documents or commercial leases. Pieces of this concept already exist with Docusign, Dropbox, Tapestry, eRecorder, but they only serve groups of users that have volunteered to share documents in that way. This may need some government intervention and some deep pockets, but it makes a lot of sense.

Location Services to Connect You With Your Files and Data

If you own a smart phone or tablet device you are aware of the feature that allows your current location to be known to various applications. For instance, if you use Yelp, the food rating app, just open the app and search for pizza. Yelp will find all pizza joints near your current location, whether that is at home or in another city. So is it possible that all documents and files related to the customer that I am visiting will be on my tablet as soon as I enter their office? Can all of this information pop up on my screen as soon as the phone system sees an incoming call from a recognized phone number? How about if you are a construction manager on the 30th floor of a building under construction? It would be great if the plans and specifications related to that floor were waiting on your tablet as you walked off the elevator. Just some thoughts, but some of it sure sounds nice, and my guess is, not too far into the future.

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