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FileStar Document Management: Integration

Workflow Automation Software Integration

With FileStar cloud workflow and document management software, you can achieve greater levels of efficiency with integration to your accounting, ERP, lease administration software or Microsoft SharePoint.  Here are those and other integrations capabilities of FileStar:

  • DocuSign integration for FileStar workflow with digital signatures
  • Incorporate your customer, sales, vendor, property, employee or other data into FileStar via API
  • Pull documents from FileStar into your critical applications (image enable) via API
  • Single Sign-on for seamless interaction
  • Integration with DocuSign for digital signatures in a workflow built for your process
  • Microsoft SharePoint Plugin to add and retrieval files in FileStar through SharePoint


  • Get custom reports and expanded search capabilities
  • Greater availability of documents to more users
  • Single collection of the final set of documents available regardless of application

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