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We Simplified Document Management - Winter 2020

Thursday, January 30, 2020

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Achieve your 2020 vision of a more efficient organization


Now that the new year has started, here are some brief ideas that will make your vision of a more efficient organization come true:

1.  Workflows that will change your life

2.  Make FileStar your Final Step of the Process

3.  Tips and videos of powerful features in FileStar 

Workflows that will change your life:

Accounts Payable Approval Process:

Yes, we get it, there are still plenty of companies that route invoices around manually for entry and approval.  Maybe the invoices are routed via a manila folder or maybe via email.  Either way, life could be much easier if you used the accounts payable workflow in FileStar.  It’s a simple process that allows you to capture the invoice image, invoice data and route it all for approval.  FileStar can integrate with accounting systems, you can push the account, job and amounts in and pull vendors, clients and confirmation back.  And since FileStar is web based, your approvers don’t need to be in the office.  In fact, they can approve on their mobile devices too.

Claim Review Process:

Capture insurance claims via scanning, email or fax and route them through your review and approval process.  FileStar’s workflow not only routes the claim documentation through the process, it provides one click access to any related document in your system for the claimant.  Simple, efficient and effective.  Track the progress of any claim in the status dashboard and run reports on departmental or even processor efficiency.  

Final Step of the process - "Upload to FileStar":

Document Management is more than just an application, it’s a process too.  Millennia Group can help you design, document and implement simple processes and procedures that make it easy for users to funnel documents into FileStar.  Then the control features of FIleStar kick in and ensure that documents are quickly and efficiently tagged so they are easy to find later. 

That funnel process is flexible and includes powerful workflows designed to capture documents throughout a process and deposit the documents into FileStar at completion.  It also includes user friendly features like allowing users to email documents directly into FileStar, drag and drop files or set up digital copiers to scan to FileStar. 

Processes that are easy to understand are successful, which means your investment in your document management solution will be more valuable.  Establish the habit by just adding at the end of your procedure documents – “Upload the final version to FileStar”.

Tips and videos for some powerful features in FileStar:

Document Control for new documents - FileStar was built from day one to provide an intuitive process to ensure all inbound documents follow a consistent and organizationally approved naming convention and storage hierarchy.  Minimum required tagging is automated as much as possible and users have flexibility to add additional information as needed to help locate documents later.  It doesn’t matter if documents are added to FileStar via email, upload, workflow or scan to FileStar, all new documents follow an intuitive tagging process with user friendly shortcuts and data integrity checks.  Watch video

Alerts for new documents added by co-workers There is a built-in feature of FileStar called Subscriptions.  Each user can configure their own notifications to help them stay on top of new, edited or replaced documents and limit the notices by project, company, client, etc.  An email comes once a day with links to all documents meeting the notification settings.  Just click on your user name and click Subscriptions to configure your notifications.  Project work becomes much easier with subscription notices.  Watch video

Merge PDFs Sometimes it’s just easier to deliver a single PDF to a vendor, a partner, a prospect and FileStar’s merge function helps do that.  Select any number of files and you can download the files to a merged pdf.  The process adds a bookmark to the first page of every file merged in.  So go ahead and select the lease and all the amendments and create a single PDF to deliver to the tenant.  Simple.  Watch video

We will continue to bring you more ways in which FileStar can help keep your day simple.  If you would like to learn more about any of these features, please contact us.

More News:

High Volume Scanning:

It may be time to finally clear out that file room or all those file cabinets.  Locked away in that paper is important company knowledge and opportunity.  You can also re-purpose that old file room space into something more productive.  If your company is sitting on a pile of boxes or has racks or cabinets full of paper, contact us, we can help with the conversion to the digital world.

Don't forget HR:

Over the years, Millennia Group has converted the legacy paper employee files for thousands of employees.  2019 is no exception with two more HR projects.  If you haven't already converted the legacy employee files, we are happy to talk about the reasons why you should and the ROI.

Multi-Function Devices:

No longer is a printer just a printer or a copier just a copier.  HP, Xerox, Canon and others now produce multi-function devices that do all those tasks extremely well.  And with new security threats targeting these devices, its important to select equipment and vendors that have the necessary protections in place.  Once you have that ironed out, you can use that device to scan to FileStar or print a document or just make copies.  We would be happy to introduce you to the companies that impress us the most.

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Millennia Group’s FileStar Hits Major Milestone

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Shellshock and Poodle Updates

Wednesday, October 01, 2014


No Millennia Group servers, network appliances, or network connected devices were ever affected by the recently disclosed "Shellshock" bug (CVE-2014-6271). Shellshock affects an open-source scripting language known as Bash that is widely used in many operating systems (Linux, Mac, Unix) and network devices (firewalls, routers). No Millennia devices or equipment currently run or have ever run any version of Bash and are entirely unaffected. For more detailed information about how Shellshock works, see fedoramagazine.org.

POODLE (SSL v3 vulnerability)

Google recently discovered and disclosed "POODLE" (CVE-2014-3566), a vulnerability in an older version of the SSL protocol (SSL 3.0) that could allow secure connections to be decrypted by an attacker. Millennia Group has taken steps to protect its customers from exploitation of this vulnerability by disabling any usage of SSL 3.0 on any of our servers. A more modern and secure protocol (TLS) has always been available and utilized for secure connections to Millennia Group websites, and Millennia Group will continue to support the best available protocols for secure connections to its websites and servers. For more information about POODLE, see googleonlinesecurity.blogspot.com.au.