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Summer 2019 Newsletter

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Newsletter Summary


21st Anniversary Show and 1st Show:

We celebrated our 21st year of participating in the Realcomm trade show, a show dedicated to the advancement of technology in the commercial real estate industry and our 1st show at RealTech, also focused on technology in the commercial real estate industry. Read More...

Security Update:

Millennia Group worked very hard over the past year to obtain our SOC II, Type II report on our controls and procedures related to confidentiality and security.  We take security very seriously and this report, which we will maintain annually, is a testament to that.  In fact, we do internal quarterly security reviews of the same controls and procedures that are audited annually by a third party.  This quarterly review helps us keep on top of current issues and provides a strong security footprint for our clients.  


We're still scanning after all these years.  Just when we thought all the paper was gone, 2019 has been a banner year for document scanning projects for Millennia Group.  That's fine with us. We are here to make document management easy and if we can help get your documents digitized and uploaded into FileStar, let's get started.  Read More...


Millennia News Release

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Real Estate Conference Interview with Co-Founder


Michael Cipriano is interviewed at the Realcomm Techology Show for commercial real estate companies. He answers questions about the future of FileStar, new FileStar features and comparing FileStar and SharePoint.

Elmhurst, Illinois, August 14, 2018


Summer 2017 Newsletter

Friday, May 12, 2017

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News from Millennia Group

20th Year Anniversary

We celebrated our 20th year in business.

Tidbits from Millennia Group


We've hired a new employee, welcomed new customers, seen great success with FileStar workflow, and added many exciting new features to FileStar 4.5. Read More...


Millennia Press Release

Monday, September 19, 2016

Vendor Teamwork Critical in Transformational Real Estate Deals


Over the past few years, the commercial real estate market has witnessed many large, transformational deals. For three recent deals, a specialized team of vendors – Tribe Consulting Group, Infinity Technology Consulting Group and Millennia Group – teamed up to help their clients successfully transition operations and access critical documentation.

Elmhurst, Illinois, September 14, 2016


Millennia Press Release

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Millennia Group's FileStar Hits Major Milestone


Millennia Group’s FileStar Hits Major Milestone

Millennia Group’s flagship document imaging, workflow and management solution is rapidly gaining users in the commercial real estate industry.

Elmhurst, Illinois, January 25, 2016


Fall 2015 Newsletter

Friday, October 23, 2015

Newsletter Summary

Tidbits from Millennia Group

The Latest Morsels

Millennia at Realcomm, FileStar 4.5 has been released, we've hired a new employee, and have a new website. Read More...

News You Can Use from Millennia Group

Disruptive Technology News

Learn about apps that really do help when it comes to finding directions, parking, public transportation, and airline flight status. Read More...

Enterprise-Wide or Best of Breed Software

Enterprise-Wide or Best of Breed?

There are clear benefits to using enterprise-wide software but there are some downsides too. Read More...


Winter (Almost Spring) 2015

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Newsletter Summary

Tidbits from Millennia Group


Employee Highlights, Realcomm 2015, Successful projects in 2014.

Why Does Millennia Group Exist? | Millennia Group

Why Does Millennia Group Exist?

Ultimately what does document imaging and workflow do for a company? We believe that document imaging and workflow help our customers make better decisions. Read More...

News You Can Use from Millennia Group

News You Can Use

Over the past decade, Millennia Group has been involved in many large real estate developments around the country. We support the developer’s construction loan funding process. Read More...


Fall 2014 Newsletter

Monday, October 20, 2014

Newsletter Summary

Tidbits from Millennia Group


Release of FileStar 4.5, Employee Profiles, 18 years in business and Security Updates. Read More...

News You Can Use from Millennia Group

News You Can Use

For our Fall newsletter, we thought that it might be helpful to provide a quick link to all of our blog entries for 2014. Read More...

FileStar Refresher from Millennia Group

FileStar Refresher

Believe it or not, FileStar is actually ten years old. It has come a long way since the first client used it to host all of the real estate documents for 300+ Kmart stores that were deemed excess property. Here is a summary of the many great features of FileStar in its current form. Read More...

CollectDocs Update from Millennia Group

CollectDocs Update

CollectDocs is our amazing online checklist application but with file attachment and automation to make it a powerful, 21st century tool. Read More...


Shellshock and Poodle Updates

Wednesday, October 01, 2014


No Millennia Group servers, network appliances, or network connected devices were ever affected by the recently disclosed "Shellshock" bug (CVE-2014-6271). Shellshock affects an open-source scripting language known as Bash that is widely used in many operating systems (Linux, Mac, Unix) and network devices (firewalls, routers). No Millennia devices or equipment currently run or have ever run any version of Bash and are entirely unaffected. For more detailed information about how Shellshock works, see fedoramagazine.org.

POODLE (SSL v3 vulnerability)

Google recently discovered and disclosed "POODLE" (CVE-2014-3566), a vulnerability in an older version of the SSL protocol (SSL 3.0) that could allow secure connections to be decrypted by an attacker. Millennia Group has taken steps to protect its customers from exploitation of this vulnerability by disabling any usage of SSL 3.0 on any of our servers. A more modern and secure protocol (TLS) has always been available and utilized for secure connections to Millennia Group websites, and Millennia Group will continue to support the best available protocols for secure connections to its websites and servers. For more information about POODLE, see googleonlinesecurity.blogspot.com.au.


Summer 2014 Newsletter

Friday, July 25, 2014

Newsletter Summary

Expanding our Workflow Capabilities | Millennia Group News

Expanding our Workflow Capabilities

Over the past 5 years Millennia Group has been fortunate enough to work with our clients to improve many business processes by implementing document workflow within FileStar, our document imaging, retrieval and workflow application. Read More...

Demand for Imaging Services Gains Strength | Millennia Group News

Demand for Imaging Services Gains Strength

Since the financial crisis began some companies delayed their imaging projects choosing instead to save current cash flow over future return on investment. That trend has started to change. As the economy picks up, companies are looking at process efficiency to offset potential costly hiring requirements. Imaging is certainly part of the efficiency toolbox. Read More...

Realcomm Recap | Millennia Group News

Realcomm Recap

Millennia Group was an attendee and sponsor of the 2014 Realcomm trade show in Las Vegas in June. Realcomm is focused on technology for the commercial real estate industry. It is our 14th year of participation in the show and it is always a great venue for connecting with our customers, peers and prospects. Read More...

Training | Millennia Group News


I am a firm believer in the benefits of training. A few of my reasons are as follows: - Training leads to more consistent results - Training leads to a shorter learning curve - Training reduces the incidence of bad hires. Read More...

Cost Justification | Millennia Group News

Cost Justification

There are hundreds of inputs that could go into a thorough cost justification analysis for a complex project. We cannot possibly list them all here and the inputs vary by project. The important thing to remember is that every project should be viewed through a return on investment lense. Read More...