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Tax Department: Workflow & Document Management

One of the most document intensive departments in any company is the tax department, especially if there are numerous entities.  There are federal tax returns, state returns, annual reports, city and county filings, correspondence, business licenses and work papers.  The effort to keep all of this information organized is significant and crucial to the company.  Documents come in from many sources such as government entities, outside tax firms, law firms and other departments within the company.  Returns and reports need to be filed on time and the returns and reports need to have well documented working files with supporting information.  These are all reasons why the tax department at your company needs a flexible, secure and cloud based document management and workflow solution.

Customized Document Management

FileStar is the perfect solution for the tax department because it can be customized for your companies unique needs.  FileStar has the ability to be your source for the company entity list, complete with FEIN, state of incorporation, formation date and any other data about the entity.  It can also integrate with other systems that you use to manage your entities so that all documentation is perfectly matched to the correct entity.  Never misfile documents again due to a duplicate folder or misspelled file.  FileStar can even alert you to missing documents or files.  Because FileStar is cloud based and has robust security, you can let outside users upload directly to the system and you can share folders with those users so file size is never an issue again.  There is a built in notification feature so that users are aware any time a new document is added for an entity or project they are working on.  FileStar has many features to help your company keep your tax documentation organized and filed in a timely manner.

Tax Department Workflow

Every tax return, annual report or license agreement has a series of steps or tasks that need to be completed in order to get that document filed properly and on time.  These steps will involve a package of documents and data that must move through the process to be reviewed, approved and delivered.  FileStar's workflow module is the perfect tool to create an efficient and effective digital process that will help your company accomplished these tasks.  The workflow module keeps users aware of exactly the packages they need to focus on by having rules based priorities highlighted plus email notifications.  Since FileStar is cloud based, your workflows can easily incorporate outside tax firms or law firms into the process.  Best of all, users have instant access at any stage of the workflow to prior years documents with one click.     

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