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FileStar Workflow and Document Management: Overview & Features

Workflow Automation Software: Overview & Benefits


FileStar is your go to application to put an end to users saying "I can't find what I am looking for."  FileStar is a SaaS model solution that is configured and implemented specifically for each customer.  No customer's system and data overlaps with any other customer.  Millennia Group's internal professional services team will work with your in-house groups or your consultants to configure, implement, train and maintain FileStar.

Our Microsoft based platform gives you a non-proprietary application that requires minimal internal IT resources. Further, FileStar provides complete security and availability; it uses Cisco firewalls, TLS encryption, encryption at rest, and a hosting facility that receives a SOC 2, Type II report with redundant power, hardware, and Internet connections.

The best part of FileStar is that you get a customized application for less than you would typically pay for an off-the-shelf application. That is because we created FileStar to be a flexible, state-of-the-art application that can be adapted for each client.

Key User Features:
  • Multiple search options including full text, structured database and point and click hierarchy.  
  • All search methods can be customized with user defined filters and sorting
  • Export search results data and files
  • Merge files for export in a single PDF or combine in a Zip file
  • Share files externally or internally via email with links to the documents so file sizes are not an issue.  Link has customizable expiration date
  • Share files externally or internally via user defined folders (war room feature) with customizable expiration date
  • Four flexible document input methods – Drag and Drop, Batch Import, Scan to Web and Email-In
  • Set custom notifications for new documents added, documents edited or documents deleted
  • Powerful and flexible workflow module with logic based routing, automated notifications and full tracking
  • Version control with full document history
  • Help section with videos of key features and tasks
Key Administrator Features:
  • Easy to use and configure security based on users and groups
  • Automated welcome email to new users
  • Single Sign On
  • API for standard document functions (add, edit, view, etc.)
  • System logs of all access and actions
  • Uploaded PDFs are automatically converted to text searchable PDF
  • Can configure digital copiers to send directly to FileStar

Security and management modules to let you configure FileStar for a wide variety of internal and external users across multiple departments.

FileStar Benefits

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