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CollectDocs - Document Collection & Tracking

Automated Document Collection and Tracking Software

CollectDocs Entry-Level Workflow & Compliance SoftwareIf you have a list of documents to collect, CollectDocs is your tireless, amazingly efficient, incredibly organized, executive assistant, business analyst, and bulldog all rolled into one productivity tool.

Online Document Checklist

Think of CollectDocs as an online document checklist created to make your job easier and more organized. For document collection and even tasks and data, it's simple, all you do is Request and Collect. CollectDocs replaces your old spreadsheets and shared drive folders and will keep your team organized throughout the entire process. No more wondering if you reviewed a document or received it and no more wondering what version of the spreadsheet is the "final final."

Use Cases

Use CollectDocs for any of these document collection processes and more:

  • New Employee Hiring: all references, W-4s, I-9s, applications, resumes, background checks, etc.
  • New Vendors: system entry, W-9s, contracts, certificates of insurance, D&B info, etc.
  • New Client On-Boarding: system entry, credit applications, contracts, specifications, purchase order, data files, etc.
  • New Tenants: system entry, credit applications, leases, certificates of insurance, signage design, etc.
  • Residential Mortgages: titles, loan applications, W-2s, tax returns, gift letters, etc.
  • New Deal Closing: purchase and sale agreements, Guarantees, loan documents, etc.

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