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Case Studies

Millennia Group provides tangible results to clients facing real-world problems. We provide a variety of services, because every client has a different set of needs and requirements. Here are some examples of the results we provide.

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Equity Office Properties Trust

Equity Office Properties Trust | Case Study

Equity Office Properties LLP (EOP) owns and operates a national portfolio of premier office buildings in major metropolitan markets across the country. Since 2006, Millennia Group has been working with EOP as an information management partner, building a solid communications infrastructure within the organization. Millennia’s advanced data management solutions have facilitated EOP through major organizational transitions, from significant shifts in the market to significant shifts within the operations of the company. Most recently, EOP was transformed through one of the largest private buy-outs in real estate history, and Millennia was a valued partner throughout this transition.

How Digital Conversion Paid off Big for a Multi-Site Bank

A Midwestern, publically traded bank needed to streamline its loan and account processes. The bank also wanted to implement a comprehensive business continuity plan, whic h meant it needed a document management system to manage and integrate all the paper- based files supporting bank assets.

The bank was using a core banking application from Computer Services Inc. (CSI). CSI brought in its partner, Integra Business Systems (IBS) to accommodate the bank’s desire to run in a SaaS model. IBS provides electronic document management and archival software to the financial services industry, including its popular iDentifi.Web product. IDentifi.Web tightly integrates with CSI’s banking application, so CSI knew the system would provide better account management and workflow management for the bank.

Large Scale Imaging Project for Wal-Mart

WalMart | Case Study

As a vendor, when you think of “working with” a large company, you usually think “working for” and more particularly, you might think “jumping hurdles for”. This feeling might even be magnified when it is the world’s largest company (by revenue). However, when faced with a complicated and time consuming project such as converting over 4,000 store files comp rising over 6 million pages to digital image, Wal-Mart didn’t say “we want you to jump this high”, they instead jumped in right from the start and dedicated resources, listened to suggestions and “worked with” us. What resulted was a successful project that has achieved corporate, departmental and financial goals.

The Scan Squad Helps the GSA

Kodak & Scan Squad | Case Study

Kodak and the Millennia Group’s “Scan Squad” Assist GSA with Records Management for the Federal Archives

ROCHESTER, N.Y., Oct. 21—Millennia Group’s “Scan Squad,” the everyday heroes of document management, saved the day once again by helping preserve history with its mobile scanning team.

Accessing critical information required the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) in Kansas City, Mo., to weed through virtual and physical warehouses of decades old information stored across federal buildings and other properties. To aid in secure and efficient management of the GSA’s critical building files, the Scan Squad hit the road, and with KODAK Scanners in tow, helped digitize and archive this highly confidential information.

Acton Mobile Industries

Acton Mobile Industries | Case Study

Acton Mobile Industries has been servicing the mobile office and modular building industry since 1970. With offices in 12 states they provide temporary space for construction sites, schools and labs in a variety of sizes and for varying lengths of time. They recently began a process of transferring regional administrative functions to their headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland. This meant they needed to get the contracts associated with their unit rentals moved from regional offices, including an office in far west suburban Chicago, to Baltimore. With 20 file cabinets filled with over 6,500 contracts, they had quite a task at hand. On top of consolidating office functions, Acton has been growing rapidly so they wanted a solution to handle increased transaction load without additional personnel.

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