Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate: Workflow

For REITs, Private Owners, Investment Managers, Property Management, Private Equity, Lenders & Developers


For REITs and property management companies: Capital expenditure approval, billing review, rent roll review, lease administration and abstraction control and many other document intensive processes can now be automated, tracked and monitored. No more business processes run via email without proper compliance tracking and overloading the email system.

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For real estate developers: FileStar is the central document repository between the developer and the lender.  Upload invoices and create draw packages that can be approved and routed to the lender for disbursement.  

For real estate investment companies:  FileStar’s workflow is a great tool to make sure that new entities are set up correctly and all paperwork is filed. Its also perfect for assembling, approving and distributing monthly and quarterly reports for clients.  

Features: Reporting and statistics on all workflows, security by property, process, entity and any other key factor, built for the internet so easy to involve third parties like outside managers, lawyers and partners, email notifications and other features to help prioritize.

Due Diligence and Document Collection Software

If you don’t need all that FileStar has to offer, CollectDocs is your tireless, amazingly efficient, super organized, executive assistant, business analyst, and bulldog all rolled into one outstanding online checklist.  This tool was built to make sure you collected all of the information you needed and aren’t missing any documents.  CollectDocs will not only help you have all the information you need, but it can also automate the process with the Request feature that collects the information directly from the source.

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Applications: due diligence, new employee, tenant or vendor on-boarding, estoppel collection.

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