Commercial Real Estate

Real Estate Tax Filing Automation

For Commercial Real Estate Firms, Including REITs, Private Owners, Property Managers, Private Equity, Lenders & Developers

Submitting thousands of filings every year can be a nightmare. Millennia Group can turn this weakness into a fully automated strength, potentially as part of a larger effort of turning how you manage your documents into a competitive advantage.

We help commercial real estate firms control documentation around tax reporting – not just tax returns but also corporate filings for every city and state, annual renewals and all of the above for each location or entity.

Tax Filing Automation Chicago

Workflow Automation Software

FileStar is workflow automation and critical document archive software that we developed to manage the influx of paper and electronic documentation. FileStar helps ensure that you can instantly search and retrieve any document. FileStar’s workflow automation capability ensures that the right documents get to the right authorities at the right time. If there is a problem that requires human intervention, then the appropriate person is automatically notified.


Document Scanning Service

With our I:S3 smart document scanning service, you can ensure that all paper documentation is scanned and incorporated into your tax filing automation system managed by FileStar. Learn more…

Recent Real Estate Clients

  • Kimco Realty: leases, env, tax
  • Equity Office: leases, closing docs, reports
  • Wheeler Real Estate: env, tax
  • James Campbell Company: property docs
  • RPT Realty: lease & property docs
  • Related Cos: closing docs, leases, construct
  • Silverstein Properties: leases, construction

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