Millennia Group News

Summer 2021 News and Millennia Updates –

We hope you have been enjoying the summer. We have but we have also been busy and wanted to share some of the results of our efforts and some reminders on how to get the most out of FileStar. 

Big News:

New FileStar Search and User Interface Coming! 

Yes, we have been listening.  We have been working hard on two immediate goals for FileStar, faster, more powerful search and refreshed user interface.  The new search page will incorporate all search options into a single interface.  There will be added options for filtering and best of all, the search results will be much faster.  Faster, more powerful, more modern, what’s not to love!

The timeline is to have a beta version by October and full implementation by end of the year.  More to come.

Moving again, but only FileStar. 

We are moving FileStar to the MicroSoft Azure cloud.  After significant research and testing, we are officially migrating the FileStar hosting infrastructure to the secure MicroSoft Azure cloud.  This will provide significant benefits for our users including increased reliability, better performance and additional opportunities for future client driven configurations.  At the same time we are maintaining our dedicated client data security posture.

The timeline on this effort is full migration by December 2021.  Watch for direct correspondence on this important issue coming soon.

More Good Stuff:

Millennia Group’s high speed document scanning infrastructure upgrade is complete. 

Over the past year we have invested in all new highspeed and wide format plans/drawings scanning equipment.  In addition, we have a new, more powerful scanning software platform that will allow us to provide additional document and data capture options for clients.  This new platform even provides the flexibility for remote batch scanning by clients using Millennia resources for project design, management and execution.

So if you are looking for ways to optimize your business environment for flexibility in light of remote work requirements, talk to us about your last hold outs of paper records.  We would be happy to help create a strategy of being ready for anything.

Documents from anywhere can go straight to FileStar.

As a system of record, it is important that you can get your critical company records into FileStar easily and from any source.  You already know that you can upload, email or scan documents directly to FileStar one at a time or in a batch.  All great options.

But did you know that we can configure FileStar to accept documents directly from other applications like DocuSign, Salesforce, HR systems, ERPs and virtually any other source via our FileStar API?  Yes, that is the shortest path to getting that final version into your system of record.

In addition, with Millennia Group’s powerful FileStar Agent we can help migrate millions of documents from network drives, online file sharing tools like Box and from other document management systems like SharePoint, into FileStar.  Coupled with Millennia Group’s document specialists, we can even help clean up and re-organize bad data.  It feels Great when that process is complete. 

Give us a call if you would like to explore these options for getting your critical records into FileStar.

FileStar “Bang for the Buck” Tips:

  • Save time when adding documents by using the “email in” functionality. Just forward any email with attachments you receive directly into FileStar (see the email address to use on the Add documents page or ask your system administrator).  Watch this video.
  • Help protect your data by implementing one of the three extra protection security methods available in FileStar; 1) enable password rotation every 90 days, 2) implement two factor authentication or 3) implement single sign-on.
  • Implement an approval workflow. Since your cohorts are not all in the same physical space, it is important to have a smooth, trackable process for approvals.  Implement a workflow that routes the approval to the correct users, sends reminders and has reporting and alerts. And the approved documents are automatically and correctly archived in FileStar!
  • Add a custom tracking Report. If you store contracts in FileStar, we can create reports to let you know which contracts are expiring in the next 30-60-90 days. 
  • Have you tried the mobile workflow interface? You can add information to a package, view the documents, approve/decline and view the history.  If you receive a workflow notice via email on your phone, open it, log in and approve.
  • Configure your subscription notifications so you are alerted of any new documents in the system. Since you may not be across the hall or in the next cube these days, notifications will keep you in the loop.  Watch this video.