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Summer 2019 Newsletter

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21st Anniversary Show and 1st Show:

We celebrated our 21st year of participating in the Realcomm trade show, a show dedicated to the advancement of technology in the commercial real estate industry and our 1st show at RealTech, also focused on technology in the commercial real estate industry. Read More…

Security Update:

Millennia Group worked very hard over the past year to obtain our SOC II, Type II report on our controls and procedures related to confidentiality and security.  We take security very seriously and this report, which we will maintain annually, is a testament to that.  In fact, we do internal quarterly security reviews of the same controls and procedures that are audited annually by a third party.  This quarterly review helps us keep on top of current issues and provides a strong security footprint for our clients.


We’re still scanning after all these years.  Just when we thought all the paper was gone, 2019 has been a banner year for document scanning projects for Millennia Group.  That’s fine with us. We are here to make document management easy and if we can help get your documents digitized and uploaded into FileStar, let’s get started.  Read More…

21st Anniversary Show and 1st Show

Millennia Group exhibited and was a sponsor at both the Realcomm 2019 tradeshow in Nashville and the RealTech 2019 show in New York City during June.  Michael Cipriano, President of Millennia Group was a speaker at RealTech where the topic was, Does Your Data Management Strategy Need a Re-boot?.  He provided insight into how important it is to have a strategy to integrate your document management system to your core business solutions.

This was the 21st time attending and exhibiting at the Realcomm show.  In fact, Millennia Group was there for the very first Realcomm and due to good fortune, Michael was asked to speak at that show as well.  Millennia Group’s relationship with Realcomm and the commercial real estate industry has grown ever since.  Exhibiting at the RealTech show was an inaugural event for both Millennia and RealTech.  We might have a thing for first time shows.  We are looking forward to building on that relationship as well.

In summary, both shows had sessions on cyber security and the potential impacts on commercial real estate companies.  Yes, security is a real issue for the commercial real estate industry as evidenced by the fact that these sessions were full.  Topics discussed also included artificial intelligence (AI), block chain and Bots.  Attendees and panelists alike seemed to agree that AI and Bots will become mainstream before blockchain.  Bots have promise.  More to come.

Lastly, there was an interesting session at RealTech on the co-living industry.  One panelist reminded attendees that searching for and finding a roommate is not a new industry, that in fact it has been going on for decades.  Tech has enabled the process to be more efficient and removed some of the inherent friction in the arrangement.  Good point that this is not just a technology play for technologies sake.

We are looking forward to participating in shows in other industries where we have expertise such as manufacturing, HR/benefits, education and telecommunications.  Shows are are a great way for Millennia Group to connect with our customers, meet new people and stay on top of the industries we focus on.  We hope to see you at future shows.


New Scanning Projects

Millennia Group has been busy this year with new scanning projects.  They have varied greatly and include HR documents, bank loan documentation, equipment manuals, medical records, building plans, financial documents and property records to name some projects.  All in all, we will have scanned several million pages over the past 12 months.  As a service provider we are dedicated to doing projects accurately, timely and cost effectively.  That means we also need to be flexible.  Some projects have involved using FileStar as our project portal and some have been on-site or a hybrid of on-site and off-site.  Our goal is to have a successful project and that means using the tools and resources that make the project efficient and effective.  If your company still has critical information tucked away in paper documents, contact us.

New Customers

We have welcomed new customers in the commercial real estate, manufacturing, non-profit and education industries.  By meeting the needs of these users, we have developed new ideas and features that have benefited all of our customers.  Our goal is to remain tightly focused on a few industries where we can provide targeted solutions that create exceptional value for our clients.  If your document management system or strategy seems like it is a full time job, contact us.  We have helped many companies simplify their document management effort.

New FileStar Features

There are some great new features in FileStar and more to come.  In this past year we have added FileStar Explore, which is a Windows Explorer interface to FileStar folders.  Users can easily drag and drop files directly into a Windows Explorer folder structure or Save files directly to the folders.  However, even with this new ease of use, FileStar retains the control and helps users correctly organize and tag the files so they never get lost.  Not your ordinary document management system.
Another new feature is our accounts payable workflow, complete with the ability to integrate with your accounting system.  Enter the key invoice data and the detailed line item data and route the invoice for approval.  Then know that the data will be transferred to your accounting system only if all data ties out.  Users will always be able to go back and find any invoice and the organized workflow interface makes it simple to keep track of invoices and do custom reporting on whats due and when.
You can now email documents directly from FileStar and create shared folders.  The email is secure email with only a limited life link to the documents and no file size worries.  The shared folders also can have a life span set and all usage is free and logged for compliance.
We are always working with our clients to help make FileStar easy to use and a trusted source of critical company information.  We don’t think document management should be your day job.

Contact us to learn how we can make workflow and document management easy for you