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20th Year Anniversary

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We celebrated our 20th year in business. Read More…

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We’ve hired a new employee, welcomed new customers, seen great success with FileStar workflow, and added many exciting new features to FileStar 4.5. Read More…

20th Year Anniversary

It has been far too long since we sent out our last newsletter, and many great “newsworthy” items have occurred since.  We also have some exciting plans in the works that we’d like to share with you.


But first, a brief look back to 2016 when we celebrated our 20th year in business.  Millennia Group was founded in 1996 as a document scanning service bureau, helping our clients convert from a paper-based operation to a digital one.  We grew that business from scratch to an operation that delivered over 10 million scanned pages a year.


In 2004, we began to lead our clients into the new age by providing a cloud-based document storage and retrieval application.  This application – once simply called “the Millennia system” – became FileStar, and boy has it grown up.  With over 6,000 users, it is a critical tool in the daily operations of our clients, including several Fortune 1000 companies.


So as we look back over the past 20 years, we want to say thank you to our wonderful customers, partners, vendors, employees and families. Though our industry and many customer requirements have changed, we remain focused on delivering organization and efficiency.  We look forward to serving your needs and making it easier to run your business for many more years.  Whether you need to convert paper to digital, or implement workflow and document management, we’re here to help.

All in all, we have been very busy since our last newsletter and we have to say it has been very exciting.  Thank you, again. We look forward too many more years of partnership.


New Hire

Kyle Hanley joined Millennia Group in 2016 as a programmer. Kyle graduated from Bradley University with a degree in Computer Science.  He has a passion for programming and graphic design, and enjoys playing competitive ultimate frisbee in his free time.

New Customers

We have welcomed new customers in the commercial real estate, manufacturing, non-profit and claims management industries.  By meeting the needs of these users, we have developed new ideas and features that have benefited all of our customers.  Our goal is to remain tightly focused on a few industries where we can provide targeted solutions that create exceptional value for our clients.

Benefits of Workflow

Since we implemented workflow in FileStar three years ago, over 2 million tasks have taken place in the cloud that would have otherwise involved paper, phone calls and a trip to the file cabinet.  Workflow has proven to be a valuable benefit to our clients, helping them save time and money.

New FileStar Features

Over the past 12 months our team has rolled out an amazing number of great new FileStar features.  We have added an API, single sign on, improved workflow, war room capabilities and email integration.  There are many other new features that aren’t quite as flashy, but are great additions to our platform, nonetheless.

While we were adding all the new features to FileStar, our team also managed to upgrade 75% of our customers to the newest version.  The remaining 25% should be upgraded soon and we WILL continue our successful track record of zero client downtime.

As we have gone through these conversions, it has reminded us of the tremendous variety of features that are built into FileStar.  We would be happy to show you the latest features, including some that are currently being developed, like integration with Office 365, digital signatures and records management.

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