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Millennia News – Summer 2022

We have some important notices and helpful information in this summers Millennia Group update.  Here’s what you will find below:

  • Important Notices impacting all customers
  • FileStar Feature Highlights
  • FileStar Fan Favorites

We are excited to bring you some good news and grateful for your patience as we continue to improve FileStar for all of our customers and users.  Despite the past two plus years of Covid 19’s impact on our personal and business lives, Millennia Group has moved to a fantastic new location, successfully transitioned FileStar to the Microsoft Azure Cloud, hired more talented people and expanded our capabilities to name a few things.  We will continue to work hard to improve our delivery of services and development of FileStar to benefit our customers and users.  That is and always has been our goal.  Please read on.

Important News

Improved Data Protection:

FileStar already has fully encrypted data in transit, which is while users are accessing and viewing documents in FileStar. All of the files uploaded to the FileStar servers are fully encrypted at rest, meaning that the files are encrypted on the server hard drives. Starting this Fall, FileStar will go beyond encrypting meta data tags stored in the database (aka data at rest) and designated as PII or PHI and start encrypting all meta data in the database. Meta data is all the information that describes the documents such as the document name, document date, the employee name associated with the document, the tenant name, etc.

Currently only sensitive fields in the database are encrypted such as all employee names, residential tenant names, account numbers, social security numbers, etc. This Fall we will begin to encrypt the entire database which means all fields and data entered will be fully encrypted at rest. All clients will be notified before their database is converted. We are not anticipating any performance degradation from this change.

Data Exchange Upgrade:

Many of our clients take advantage of our ability to incorporate data from core business systems into FileStar for consistency of tagging documents (associating common meta data to documents). This includes nightly, hourly or even more frequent data exchanged via our secure FTP site. This Fall we will begin the process of migrating the data exchange process to our new secure FTP site that will be hosted in our Azure Cloud environment.

This upgrade will mean a more resilient FTP server with more capacity and better performance. This will also give Millennia the opportunity to increase our level of security on the FTP server by fully implementing best practices on the access rights provisioning and user tracking model that was in place. We had begun the process of requiring individually named client users for new ftp sites. That process will now be completed during these site upgrades for all existing FTP site users.

This process will require the involvement of client resources to modify internal processes to use the new secure FTP settings and user setup requirements. We will notify clients when their data exchange process is ready for conversion so you can plan resources appropriately.

FileStar UI Update and New Search:

Well its finally here – a new FileStar look and feel along with a new search!! It’s been a long and challenging journey to get this new search developed and we are excited to start rolling it out to clients starting this Fall. It’s not only significantly faster but it is also more powerful and flexible.

For instance, users can pick and choose what columns of data they want in the search results. Users can search across multiple document types simultaneously. Maybe best of all, users can search for text within a document at the same time as choosing from a drop down list of items, all in the same screen. This new search will initially be optional under the Find tab but the ultimate plan is that it will be the only option eventually, which will simplify searching for your critical documents. Next up, updating Add and Workflow, both with improved speed.

Feature Highlights

Email and FileStar – FileStar allows for both adding documents via email and for sending documents via email. First for adding documents via email. Check your Add Documents view for an email address just below the Select Files button. You can send or forward an email with attachments to that email address and those attachments will automatically be uploaded to FileStar. This saves you the step of downloading the file to your local and then uploading it to FileStar.

For emailing documents in FileStar to others, use the Share/Copy To option found in the Action button to securely email up to five documents at a time to any recipient. This is not only secure but also takes away the worry of file size since the user receives a secure link to view the file instead of getting the file as an attachment. They can download the file to their local if they choose to. By the way, save that email address in your digital copier for a simple process of adding scanned documents to FileStar (contact Millennia Group to configure the digital copier email address as a valid source).

Scan to Web – if you have a desktop scanner you can scan directly into FileStar for fast and easy document uploads. The scan to web plugin allows you to scan multi-page files, rotate pages, pre-name the document and adjust the scan settings. Then when the document is ready, it goes straight into the Add Documents page where you can tag it appropriately and publish it. Look for the Scan icon on the Add Documents page next to the Select Files button.

FileStar Fan Favorites

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