I:S3 Smart Scanning

Document Scanning: Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

An I:S3 Smart Scanning Service

Is your merger or acquisition target still mired in paper? They may not have had the budget or foresight to go paperless and have all of their invoices, HR and personnel files, large format documents, contracts, or other critical documents scanned. Scanning and organizing their documents will allow your employees to have faster access to documents and information that will be critical in managing the new combined company. In fact, not all of their documents need to be scanned.

M&A Document Scanning Chicago

Scan What’s Needed & Nothing More

You can utilize our I:S3 Smart Scanning Service to determine what can be shred, what’s in storage that would have the most value if it were scanned – and all with your document retention requirements applied. We also understand the urgency and need to synchronize all documents and data between your organizations, as we have successfully helped our clients navigate these waters for the last 20 years.

Chicago Service Bureau

Having our Chicago area service bureau scan your M&A documents provides a safe, cost-effective option when you have numerous files to get converted and into use in a short period of time. Our innovative, web-based box tracking and project portal software allows you to track every file throughout the shipment and imaging process. Further, we employ the latest security measures to ensure sensitive data stays safe.

We can handle any type or size of document, including invoices, HR and personnel files, and large format drawings. We also have special expertise with in commercial real estate, financial services and telecommunications.

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