I:S3 Smart Scanning

Inventory: Shred, Scan or Store

Moving an office, closing a facility or navigating a mountain of boxes? Do you wonder what’s in your off-site storage? Do you dread the thought of looking through thousands of boxes or file cabinets? Are you afraid of losing critical company documents due to a move or facility closing?

If so, then you need our I:S3 Smart Document Scanning Service.

Let our document scanning team capture the contents of your boxes or cabinets and help you decide what to shred, store in off-site storage and scan onsite at your location or offsite at our Chicago service bureau.

Data Audits Services stacks of paper

I:S3 Document Scanning Services

The Millennia Group document scanning team will do the following:

  • Take a complete inventory of your paper and electronic documents
  • Give you a tool to research your document inventory and determine the best course of action
  • Incorporate your records management and retention policies
  • Scan and store only what’s needed, shred the rest
  • Operate at your facility (onsite) or ours (offsite)

I:S3 Document Scanning Benefits

  • Lower your off-site storage costs
  • Reduce your potential litigation exposure
  • Empower your employees with a trusted critical document archive
  • Ensure your business doesn’t miss a beat

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