Limited Time Offer for FileStar Critical Document Archive with 1 Workflow:

Setup and Configuration – $7,500 (1)

Ongoing User Charges – 10 users for $299/month or 25 users for $499/month (2)

What You Get:

  • 1 workflow customized to your requirements (3)
  • Searchable and shareable archive of final approved documents (includes all FileStar document management features)
  • Integration via data exchange with your accounting or property management solution
  • Configure workflow to include internal and external users with easy to manage security
  • Compliance reporting with a full history of approvals
  • Automated notifications
  • User training
  1. Includes up to 3 document classification configurations. For instance, leases, closing documents and vendor contracts.
  2. 12-month contract. Cost per month during initial term is based on 36 month contract discount.  After initial 12 month term the cost per month is based on standard pricing.  Ask about our pricing for over 25 users.
  3. Integrations with third-party applications like digital signature solutions or other document management solutions will incur additional charges.

This offer is valid through 7/31/24.

Additional Details:

This offer includes all features of FileStar Critical Document Archive and Workflow.

Client has the option to import existing digital files into FileStar or contract separately with Millennia Group to provide data migration services.

The monthly user charges include 20 gigabytes of system storage for the 10 user option and 50 gigabytes for the 25 user option.  Storage usage over the allowed amounts will result in additional charges ranging from $5 to $15 per gig per month.