I:S3 Smart Scanning

Document Scanning: Managed Services

An I:S3 Smart Scanning Service

In today’s economy, businesses need to run more efficiently than ever.

Your employees need to be focused on their core functions. Let Millennia Group’s employees focus on designing and implementing a scalable document scanning and workflow process for you.

Millennia Group offers in-depth expertise in all types of document scanning projects. We work onsite or offsite to meet your needs. We use industry leading document scanners with Kofax Capture software, and provide state-of-the-art digital documents (PDF, TIFF, JPG) that are compatible with most document management software applications.

Document Scanning: Managed Services Chicago

We provide best-practice security and quality control measures, so you can be sure your documents are handled the best possible way.

  • In-house scan department operation and management
  • Data entry and forms processing
  • PO box sweeping with scan-to-desktop delivery
  • High-volume back-file scanning

Offsite Document Scanning

Offsite document scanning provides a safe, cost-effective option when you have numerous files or are unable to dedicate space for onsite imaging. Millennia Group will establish a process regardless if it’s a one-time project or you need help with “day-forward” document scanning. Our innovative, web-based box tracking and project portal software allows you to track every file throughout the shipment and imaging process. Further, we employ the latest security measures to ensure sensitive data stays safe. Learn more…

Onsite Document Scanning

If your documents need to stay close or you have limited resources to manage an imaging initiative, our Scan Squad is available to work on-site at your company. We will deploy a specialized team, fully equipped to complete your project in record time. We can even place professionals on-site for ongoing imaging service management if your business is located in metro Chicago. Learn more…

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