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Records Management Services

Records Management Services

Ask yourself these 4 questions:

  1. Does your record lifecycle make sense for your business?
  2. Do you know where your records are?
  3. Does your retention schedule consider the value of each document to your business?
  4. Is your filing and retrieval system efficient?

Every company has records, but surprisingly few have comprehensive systems to effectively collect, identify, store and access those records when needed. As a result, it can be difficult to comply with industry, legal or regulatory standards.

Millennia Group can help you establish a customized system to identify and manage the lifecycle of essential records.

From collection, to storage to best-practice disposal, our services include:

Records Inventory

You have different types of records in hardcopy and electronic format. They are stored in various places, and are typically duplicated. We will catalog your records and then provide you with an inventory worksheet with a comprehensive list of the file records in each record series. Once these records are established, we can help you prioritize your documents, eliminate duplicates and unessential files. Further we can pave the way for the specialized management of Vital Records, Inactive Records and records that require a solid Retention Schedule.

Retention Scheduling

You save your personal tax records for five years. How long should you save your company's tax records? What about employee health records? Millennia Group's experts will work closely with your legal representative to provide the best answers for your business. We will help you establish an effective Retention Schedule for all of your essential records, in accordance with legal, fiscal and regulatory guidelines. We will also consider the value of each document to your internal operations, so you can save what you need and eliminate what you don't. This keeps record volumes in check and helps you prepare for possible record reviews down the line.

Vital Records Identification and Protection

All companies have records that are vital to their company's operation. These are records which, if lost or destroyed, would result in serious legal, financial or operational consequences. Millennia Group will help you determine which of your documents are in this important category, so that you can establish a sound protection plan to keep your records safe and company operational even in the event of a disaster.

Inactive Records Storage

There are records you need to keep, but not in the same place as your active files. Millennia Group can help you determine the importance of these files, so that you can find the most efficient storage method. You may be able to save money and valuable space by converting them to digital format or by storing them in a commercial records center. We will analyze the best solution and present recommendations to best manage your inactive records.

Filing and Retrieval Requirements

You have a system in place for filing and retrieving records, but how do you know if it provides the best efficiency for your organization? Our consultants will review your current processes and storage space configurations, and provide recommendations on how you can enhance management of both.

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