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Data Audits

Data Audits

Having bad data in your system doesn't just cause problems for your internal users, it can be very costly to external users as well. Consider a situation in which you are distributing information or documents from your document management system to a lender or buyer, and you have provided erroneous data. This could materially impact valuations and decision-making during a due diligence process.

Through careful audit processes, you can ensure your data quality and avoid costly mistakes.

Millennia Group will work with your team to write an audit program designed to test the accuracy of your document management system data.

Then, we will establish tests to capture enough information to evaluate the potential scope of errors in the system. Once those tests are completed, we will analyze the results to conduct a second level of testing in areas that showed a high level of risk for error. Finally, we will isolate those high-risk areas and design a process to correct the errors. The goal of this entire process is to build trust in your document management system data, so users will utilize your system instead of turning to inefficient paper files or files stored on their local drives or cloud silo.

Build Trust in Your Document Management System Data

Keep users in your system and out of inefficient paper files or from creating their own silo.

Let Millennia audit your system, discover your high-risk areas and design a process to correct the errors.

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