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Commercial Real Estate:  Document Management & More

For REITs, Investment Managers, Property Management, Private Equity, Lenders & Developers

Document Scanning Chicago

We have listened and learned over the past 20 years how commercial real estate organizations need to access, share and collect documents.  All of that knowledge and experience has been built into FileStar to make sure that every user can have the power to get work done efficiently.

Here are some examples:

  • Multiple options to find documents by property, tenant, investment, square footage, termination date, etc.
  • Merge multiple documents into a single PDF (invoices for CAM, leases, closing documents)
  • Create on the fly secure war rooms
  • Reports for missing documents like certificates of insurance, subscription agreements, etc.
  • Every PDF is converted to searchable format on upload
  • Automated notices when documents are uploaded for specific properties or transactions
  • Multiple export options (data only or data and files)
  • Data integrations with JDE, MRI, Yardi and other systems like Avid, P2P and more.
FileStar is a platform that is customized to every customers particular requirements.  Data and files are organized and sorted exactly how your company expects them to be.

Since FileStar is a cloud based solution, it's easy to incorporate your partners, third party vendors, investors and lenders into the process or the documents they need.

Digital: Document Migration & Organization

If you need to migrate documents from a legacy document management system, we can collect and normalize all of your electronic documents and make them available from your property accounting, lease management and/or Microsoft SharePoint system.

Where to Start?

Give us a call.  Let us know if your still working off of files stored on a shared drive or in a folder based system.  Let us know if your users are frustrated because that can't find the documents they are looking for.  Let us know if its impossible to share files externally without jumping through hopes or calling in a team of IT experts.  Let us know if you want to learn about a better way.

Contact us for more information on real estate workflow and document management