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Accounts Payable & Invoice Processing Automation

Personnel File & HR: Workflow Automation & Document Scanning

What if you could:

  • Ensure that all your bills are paid on time (and have happy vendors)
  • Instantly locate invoices from anywhere with an internet connection
  • View invoices from within your accounting, ERP or document management system
  • Capture early payment discounts (if you want to)
  • Process increasing invoice volume with the same or less people, especially if you're in acquisition mode
  • Eliminate the need for filing cabinets, storage rooms and offsite storage

Millennia Group transforms the manual, time-consuming and error prone invoice processing process into an automated strength.

Customized Backfile Document Scanning Services

It all begins by getting rid of your paper invoices. With our I:S3 service, we will determine what invoices need to be scanned, stored and shredded. For what needs to be scanned, we can do so onsite or offsite:

  • Onsite Scanning: we can place our document scanning specialists onsite at your facility to scan and index all invoices and correspondence, which will later be released to your accounting, ERP or document management system
  • Offsite Scanning: we can provide invoice scanning and indexing services at our secure Chicago area service bureau

Quality & Client Satisfaction on Every Job

We ensure quality throughout the document scanning process and maintain the highest level of accuracy from prepping to scanning to indexing.

We use state-of-the-art document scanning equipment to guarantee excellent accuracy for every document image. We also make it a priority to learn your business processes, so that we can provide you the best service options for the backfile conversion and ensure a better day-forward imaging process. This thoughtful, step-by-step planning enables us to develop the most cost-effective document scanning program to meet your needs.

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