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Fall 2014 Newsletter

Monday, October 20, 2014

Newsletter Summary

Tidbits from Millennia Group


Release of FileStar 4.5, Employee Profiles, 18 years in business and Security Updates. Read More...

News You Can Use from Millennia Group

News You Can Use

For our Fall newsletter, we thought that it might be helpful to provide a quick link to all of our blog entries for 2014. Read More...

FileStar Refresher from Millennia Group

FileStar Refresher

Believe it or not, FileStar is actually ten years old. It has come a long way since the first client used it to host all of the real estate documents for 300+ Kmart stores that were deemed excess property. Here is a summary of the many great features of FileStar in its current form. Read More...

CollectDocs Update from Millennia Group

CollectDocs Update

CollectDocs is our amazing online checklist application but with file attachment and automation to make it a powerful, 21st century tool. Read More...


Spring 2014 Newsletter

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Newsletter Summary

Tidbits | Millennia Group News


Take a Marketing Approach to Education and Training.

Millennia Group Updates.

Heartbleed Update for Millennia Group's SaaS Application Users.

Gym Shoes Required | Millennia Group News

Gym Shoes Required: A strong Case for Imaging and Document Management

I would love to talk about how electronic document management could supercharge your company sales or revenue, but it always seems like it is too hard to connect all the dots. Instead most prospects and customers think "what will this cost me?" Read More...

CollectDocs - A Million Uses | Millennia Group News

CollectDocs - A Million Uses

We know that CollectDocs, our simple online, checklist based workflow tool, is great for due diligence and employee on-boarding, but we want our users to get EXTREME VALUE from CollectDocs. Millennia Group is devoted to providing our users with creative ideas for additional uses of CollectDocs in the everyday work life. Read More...